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Dead Yeti
Sky Burial
Red Light Sound
Street: 08.16
Dead Yeti = Ghastly Hatchling + Night Terror + Waxen Tomb
Out of the four Red Light Sound releases that have recently come out, this is the best. Harsh and perverse from the very moment you step into it, it’s like fucking an exquisite corpse. Combining various bits of fielded-recordings, and trip-wire electro-static sounds, this album does a great job of keeping the listener on their toes. It melds the familiar and the chaotic in a pungent mix, like that of a good horror movie. It’s part dread, with a complex blend of unnerving, chilling and forceful cacophonic disquietude. Awesome in its breadth and sustainability, Sky Burial would be a perfect performance to scare the Halloween mask off of any unsuspecting eight-year-old and the parents who hate them.