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Digital Lov/How to Get Down
Digital Lov/How to Get Down
Street: 01.15.08
Digital Lov/How To Get Down = Pink Spiders + a techno virgin What a team! Digital Lov and Tyler Sorensen’s How to Get Down get together to produce an album that most computer-literate people could make with the Fruity Loops program. When it comes to electronica, leave it to experts like Cut Copy and Daft Punk to put out hits. Word of advice to How to Get Down: we’ve already heard enough about Anna Nicole and there is no reason to write a song about her. As for Digital Lov, they should consider disassociating from Sorenson’s project. Rather than wasting time teaming up with a “musician” from isolated parts of the state, they could be getting a better feel for the electronic genre. It’s catchy and easy to dance to, but it lacks the experience needed. The album of 11 tracks should have been split into two from the beginning.