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Dirty Uncle Davey
Space Drones for Evel Knievel
Red Light Sound
Street: 02.22
Dirty Uncle Davey = Prurient + Ghastly Hatchling
Dirty Uncle Davey is all you could expect from a synth-based noise band, long droney tracks of feedback and mysterious sounding tones meandering through dimensionless matter. What is great about this release and most really good noise music is that it steps into your subconscious and plays a few tricks on you, the biggest being that of time confusion. The first track, “Butte, Montana,” clocks in at over the 11-minute mark, but literally feels as if only two minutes have elapsed. Dirty Uncle Davey is a little more colorful and musical than the status quo destructive noise and has its moments where it could even be considered jovial or interactive. It is very visual and the thought of Evel Kneviel suspended in the air waiting to either land or crash right through my mind several times while listening.