Discoid A
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Street: 04.21
Discoid A = Crustina Aguilera + Doom + Handicapitalist
Good god damn, this thing is fun! What started as an “acoustic D-beat” band has morphed into a full-blown loud machine. Recorded with one mic, this release encompasses an astounding 37 songs in 36 minutes, and it is one of the dirtiest punk rock recordings I’ve ever heard. While I’m sure the band would want me to trash this release, I refuse—it’s far too entertaining and, well, pissed-right-the-fuck-off. What Discoid A may lack in musical talent, they make up for in balls-to-the-wall intensity and sheer will—these are kids who play loud, fast and gnarly, and they do it with the most sincere and old-school of intentions: playing music because they simply love doing it. Besides, any band that writes songs about such inane subjects as beans and rice, strawberry daiquiris and Jesus being a brown dude deserves anyone’s attention … right?