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Discoid  A
Street: 03.19
Discoid A = Sebadoh + Stikky + Spazz + Deep Wound – amplifiers
Maybe it’s the band’s name or the crudely drawn anarchy symbol sharpied on the CD-R, but I assumed this would be Discharge-worshipping, anarcho punk of the crustiest breed. I was pretty far off the mark, as it’s 16 short tracks of obstinately lo-fi acoustic punk that falls somewhere between the vocal style of Lou Barlow and Chris Dodge. It’s plenty aggressive and strummed with such string-snapping insanity you can’t help but take notice, and only occasionally is it really coherent. Most times, it resorts to rudimentary noisemaking and hillbilly-pirate caterwauling that’s neither cute nor intelligible (up the punx, but for cryin’ out loud name your songs and gimme a lyrics sheet). There’s a definite charm present, and the novelty isn’t entirely lost on me … It just wears off quickly and I’m mashing the eject button. Perhaps I’m not in on the joke.