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Drop Dead Julio
Lack of Direction
Self Released
Street: 03.30
Drop Dead Julio = Yellowcard + Rise Against
Drop Dead Julio’s premier album feels strangely familiar: the band knows the audience they’re playing to, adding enough of their own personality to stand out from the crowd, enough for you to take notice. Without a doubt DDJ produces seriously catchy songs that have you humming along on the spot. Although musically and lyrically sound, the group’s weak spot is its strength drummer James Julio. More often than not, Julio’s double bass tends to overpower the rest of the instrumentalists, including vocalist Gene Kennedy. It isn’t that Julio is a poor drummer; he simply plays too much like a soloist, a common flaw in today’s alternative medium. Fans of bands like Story of the Year and Sum 41 will quickly fall in love with DDJ, but if you prefer your music more indy and experimental, direct yourself away from Lack of Direction.