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Drop Dead Julio
The Stories We Could Tell
Street: 03.06
Drop Dead Julio = Blink 182 + Sum 41 + Simple Plan + 1998 (the year)
Drop Dead Julio (pronounced “Jewlio”) is a band that transcends genres. This band is so subtly complex that words probably won’t be invented for hundreds of years to even begin to describe the amount of layered lyrical and musical mastery provided to our ears on The Stories We Could Tell. Wait, no. They’re actually the exact opposite. Drop Dead Julio is full of mediocre pop-punk melodies and weak choruses that were probably written by an eighth-grade English student. They’re Blink 182 without the comedy. They’re Sum 41 without the musical chops. They’re a simpler version of Simple Plan. These guys have missed the pop-punk boat completely (they formed three years ago) and make New Found Glory look like the Marlon Brando of music. Some of their lyrics that form a totally, like, deep acoustic live performance are “Got a shotgun, somebody kill me / I promise you it won’t be boring.” Please, somebody listen to the man.