Local Reviews: Dubbed/Bombs & Beating Hearts

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Dubbed/Bombs & Beating Hearts
Oh Shit, an Acoustic Split!

Salty Hobo Records/ 45 Archives
Street: 3.13
Dubbed = Against All Authority + Swingin’ Utters
BNBH = Ghost Mice + Defiance, Ohio

While I still stand firmly by my assertion that most local punk rock sucks, I’d be lying if I said this release is anything but awesome. Recorded live in the Dubbed band room, this split finds two of Utah’s finest punk bands at their best, even if they are a little drunk (Dubbed) or a little rough around the edges (Bombs & Beating Hearts). Dubbed start things right, sounding like a quartet of crazed pirates marooned in a dinky Vegas lounge bar as bari sax and accordion combine with throaty vocals and smooth basslines. Their side isn’t perfect (like I said, drunk), but it’s highly entertaining, and they make the transition to an acoustic band very well. Bombs & Beating Hearts then play host to a clap-along, sing-along, shout-along party, and sound a lot louder than Dubbed despite their more minimalistic setup of acoustic guitar, accordion, tambourine and drum (just one). These guys aren’t quite as polished as Dubbed, but their enthusiasm more than makes up for their lack of technical prowess. If you can, see both bands live. If not, this split is almost just as good. (Dubbed 08.14: SLUG Localized, Urban Lounge)