Dustin Christensen
Highway Lines
Street: 10.07.11
Dustin Christensen = Joshua James + Blitzen Trapper + Old Canes
Christensen, the former lead singer of Provo-based indie group Jerrytown, finally put together his much anticipated solo album Highway Lines, with hopes of capturing the audience of old and new indie fans. Songs such as “Where Does The Time Go” and “Like A Rose” definitely have their appeal with Christensen’s soft and down-to-earth vocals, accompanied by his elegantly rustic guitar licks that feel more like their own musician, rather than a backdrop instrument. But when you take away the localized build-up and gravitas, it’s just another country album trying to be “alternative” while also looking to hook the folk audience. The musical skill and range that Christensen possesses only shines through in brief instances while Highway Lines as a whole comes off as an album that caters specifically to the Utah County crowds. It’s a pretty decent album, but Christensen is far more country than “alt” and should stop pretending.