Elizabethan Report
Hola May

Street: 03.08
Elizabethan Report = The Chili Peppers’ Guitar + The Strokes

When I first hunted down Elizabethan Report on the Internet, I was impressed by the band’s uninhibited and energetic stage presence. Even when I wasn’t sure their sound was really my bag, I knew I’d have a blast at one of their shows. On their five-track EP, the mixture of fast funk, stand-up-and-jump rock and various noise-making devices (think trashcan lids and toy pianos) could have easily yielded a discordant mish-mash. But these Provo natives aren’t sneezing all these sounds together at random. The various influences are tightly wound together and produce an intentional feeling of something loose and hectic. I make it sound complicated, but it’s not. It’s feverish, protean stuff done well. Guitarist Spencer Petersen cites Primus and The Strokes among his musical influences, but I say his riffs smack of older, less melodic Chili Peppers. Either way, the band’s melodies are great � lively and catchy without drowning out the lyrics or percussion elements. They’re committed to the sound, and their energy and enthusiasm definitely will grow on you. Elizabethan Report was recently selected to play at the NAMU Festival in Pittsburgh, alongside Bob Dylan and The Roots. This is a big deal for any local band, and I wish them the best of luck.