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Emme Packer


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Street: 07.28

Emme Packer = Karli Fairbanks + Jewel (w/o the whine) + Kathryn Cowles

This album couldn’t be more beautiful in any way. Emme Packer’s lofty, American folk-inspired melodies and guitar plucks hypnotize as you walk to the edge of the cliff. Delicate and instantly appealing, her voice is the force that pushes you over. Earlier holds you in everlasting suspended animation, while Later lets you down softly and leaves you with a higher consciousness and lingering jovial feeling. Emme captivates you with her interpretation of the universe through song. Each track illuminates her poetry and forces you to acknowledge the interconnectedness of the universe and entrances you, instilling a surrounding spirit with her voice to make you feel less lonely. She tells stories of concentrated energy attuned to her own prominent life experiences.  Songs like “In Japan” delve into your psyche with caddies full of intuitive poetry and a circular guitar style. I am truly in awe of this album.