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Exer Ovu
Baby, I Get Impatient
Street: 10.2010
Exer Ovu = Modest Mouse’s Sad, Sappy Sucker + Paul Baribeau
“Where was this recorded, and who recorded this?” is the first thought in my mind as I listen to Exer Ovu’s latest effort. I’m not even sure what I’m listening to for the first few songs. What I can make out is that the band consists of a guy and a guitar, and that’s about it. Most of it sounds like that point on acid when you’re jamming with your friends and you think you’re awesome, but really it’s just erratic noise. There isn’t a clear direction or genre in any of the ten songs. It’s the kind of yell-singing that a few bands can pull off really well, and, with the help of some other musicians, this guy probably can, too. At least he lets the listener know he’s “Open To Suggestion” in the second song. If the other songs sounded more like “Debutant,” he might have something going, though. That one’s the least musically confusing song, followed by “2WR,” that kind of sounds like Adam and the Ants in the beginning, and then blows it with a bunch of yelping/Indian war chant sounds. Those might be cool in any other situation, but not this one. He’s got a couple of albums out, though, which brings me to my original question: ?!