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Feel Good Patrol
Gon’ Cheat on Me Demo

Street: 09.1
Feel Good Patrol = Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds + 311

There’s something going on with Feel Good Patrol, but I’m not sure what. Well, that’s not true, it sounds like what a scene mainstay named Ryan Workman once described as “White-Boy-Frat-Funk-Rock,” with some rappin’ and scratchin’ thrown in. Not much should be decided from a first listen to these gents—you must press through some really echoey vocals on the first track and listen to the lyrics, which aren’t too bad. Was it a conscious decision of the band to throw on some heavy reverb, or an engineer’s? I’m not sure, but the music is good enough that it doesn’t need to float in a sea of echoes—the guitar is really solid funk, and the singing is on-point and well done. If they get a bit more direction, they could really have something, and put Utah on the White-Boy-Frat-Funk-Rock-Rap scene map. Props to their inclusion of local character: Listen for shout outs to City Weekly and In This Week magazine included in the third track.