Flea Circus
Remix Tape
Street: 10.28.11
Flea Circus = the entire freshmen class – Cheese Wiz Khalifa – Sac Miller
It’ll make you shimmy, shimmy, ya. Sample-heavy and boogie-friendly, for real, so many samples I won’t bother to get into it. Flea Circus brought the tunesmithism. The lyrics are cookie-cutter and perfect to dance to. Why pay attention to lyrics when you can be dancing around your apartment, drinking your Sprite and wine? “Love Safe” is the heart-heavy tale of what I can only imagine falling in love at Studio 600 with a Mormon is like, and the differences that would ensue between parties. “Eyes Without A Face” sounds like Wale, but “Money Power Women” sounds like Lupe Fiasco, and for the cherry on top, “Strings Attached” sounds like Shwayze—so the talent range is clearly impressive. I have not a clue where the beat came from on “Smoking Gun,” but it’s a perfect song to set you out the door on that Rebecca Black-type Friday.