Form of Rocket


Sick Room Records

Street: 10.23

Form of Rocket = City of Caterpillar + The Jesus Lizard + Shellac

In the three years since their last release, Form of Rocket have improved every aspect of their music. The drumming, bass, guitars, vocals, lyrics and production all make your jaw drop. Just put on the first track, “This is Occupation,” and you’ll get an immediate idea of what I’m talking about. The songs are more uniform while remaining complex; technical without becoming too cluttered.

From the starting line it’s right in your face. Men is more concise and focused with more weight put on the singing. Curtis Jensen’s inimitable vocals are more up front beside the tough guitars and drums. A lot of the lyrics are taken from Curtis’ last book of poetry, Watch Me Dig A Hole. I could have spent the entire review just quoting some of the incredible lyrics. If you don’t listen to this, you’re missing out on some of the best music SLC has to offer. I can’t help but picture Steve Albini nodding his head in approval.