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Fox Van Cleef
Cigarettes, Terrorism, Etc.
Street: 09.01
Fox Van Cleef = Jookabox + The Naked Eyes
“Don’t laugh at me if I make a really crazy face,” is heard as you put Fox Van Cleef’s latest EP on for a spin––and we won’t––these cats are cool. Some pyschedelic guitars start in at that point and make for a very interesting intro track called “Torpedo.” This is a great effort from a local group that shows what kind of talent can emerge if given the right outlet like the Salt Lake City scene is offering right now. They have some balls-to-the-wall guitar and drum lines reminiscent of another great local group, The Naked Eyes, with some extra-tripped-out vocals, including out-and-out laughter for a chorus (or is it a pre-chorus?) on track two, “Chestnut, BOOM!” which may not make sense in print and is best experienced aurally. Download this eight-song EP for free at foxvancleef.com.