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Street: 03.31
Giraffula = Shhh… This is a Library + King Krule
Loop pedals and one-man bands are becoming more and more common these days. Though this fosters creativity by allowing any single person to experiment with a sound that was previously only attainable with a full band, it has brought with it the unavoidable, long and repetitive loops. Despite the loop pedal-based shortcomings, Seth Cook has been able to create an accessible album. Punctuating the long, drawn-out, reverb-filled loops with various sound bytes (opening track “Jimi’s Basement” starts this theme off with a cutesy sample from The Sword in the Stone), and employing thoughtfully out-of-key vocals, his eccentricities combat the tedious nature of building upon loops. The percussion and build-up on “Flowers” and “Blossom” definitely make them the stand out tracks (if you are down with what sounds like beat boxing on the latter track). This album is pretty immersive, if you have the patience.