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Going Second
Wake Up
Street: 01.23
Going Second = Trademark + Coheed and Cambria + Ask For the Future

As I’m growing out of my pop-punk phase, it’s getting harder and harder for these types of bands to impress me.  Going Second has caught my ear though.  This band has managed to incorporate all the aspects that make a pop-punk band good, while most bands nowadays seem to only focus on one.  The band’s harmonies are solid, the melodies are strong and their guitarist’s solos can easily stand up against MCR’s Ray Toro (note: this is meant as a compliment as that band remains my guilty pleasure).  The best part of the soloing is that this group understands how to use it as an active part of the song, and not just a randomly inserted segment for the guitarist to flaunt his mad skills.  Props to these guys.  Gentlemen, you’ve got my attention.