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As Knowledge Kills Beauty
Street: 02.11
Gripp = Del tha Funkee Homosapien + Early Blackalicious (minus a DJ) + weird electronic shit
Gripp does his own production. If he had some quality producers and an actual DJ backing him, his future rhymes could find a place in my album rotation. If I were a big fan of computer-produced rap, then this album would already be there. The 20-year-old’s release displays potential, but unfortunately, Gripp’s album could easily be written off as semi-bullshit. Thirty seconds in, he raps about loving “hip-hop” over a synthesizer. I searched for a vinyl scratch or obvious sample on As Knowledge Kills Beauty and there were none. I believe at least two elements of the hip-hop four (MCs, DJs, B-boys and graffiti) need to be present to call it that. In this case, it’s just a rap album trading in on the name of the institution.