Local Reviews: Gudgeguh

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Red Light Sound
Street: 08.06
Gudgeguh = AODL + Night Terror + Tenants of Balthazar’s Castle
Like its labelmate, Night Terror, Gudgeguh rocks in at just under 12 minutes. Unlike Night Terror, its a sad disappointment that it ends so soon and abruptly. What is immensely interesting about this nugget of noise are the anomalies that catch the ear. They save the composition from collapsing into a wall of noise. From its innocuous start, with the hydrophonic sound of a turbine, to its dense and hollow after effects, the album rushes its intentions through the processing plant of blips, clanks, blurts and ticks. Jared Russell recruited Iceburn alum Gentry Densley to help father this piece and while you can’t quite tell who did what, its an exemplar and crushing tinker-tot of raw sound.