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Herban Empire
For the Empire
Street: 08.03
Herban Empire = (311 + Sublime + OAR) / Bob Marley
This is the kind of music that brightens my day. Comparing things to Sublime is shitty, I know, but here I can’t help it–the down to earth, feel-good vibe and even Andrew Cole’s vocals smack of Bradley and the crew. The members are better musicians and the sound is less stoner-jam than you might expect from a band with a name like Herban Empire. I think I only heard a bong-rip sound in there once—I might have even imagined it. The catchy, chill and technical guitar riffs have been stuck in my head for days—“Sweet Cherry O’” is a personal favorite of the four tracks. These guys are talented, to be sure, and the recording sounds professional. This is their first EP, but Herban Empire often play at Liquid Joe’s, Lumpy’s and other venues around the valley. Go, and be happy.