I Am The Ocean
Sound vs Silence Records
Street: 06.05
I Am The Ocean = Glassjaw + Protest the Hero – speed
Post-hardcore outfit I Am The Ocean have delivered a standout and unique EP with Overhead. Their sound is complex and innovative––and hard to pin down and describe. It’s more creative and far-reaching than other contemporary acts, and while it doesn’t hit the crazy, time-changing speeds of some prog metal acts, it carries the same artistic banner of natural experimentation and removal of genre boundaries to build a solid song. The layered vocals are especially enjoyable and add a thickness to the mostly light-hearted-sounding guitars. Screams are emotional, but not overwhelming, instead flowing along with the melodies to create an enormously organic arrangement. In fact, every instrument here is so goddamn in place. Their style certainly has its form and doesn’t stretch beyond itself to uncomfortable territory, but every song holds your attention as well as the last. I cannot wait to hear more from this band.