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I Hate Girls with Bruises
First Night
Red Light Sound
Street: 08.15
I Hate Girls With Bruises = VCR Quintet + Ghastly Hatchling + Night Terror
The Salt Lake City noise scene is blowing up and it is no small part to the concerted and concentrated efforts of one Aaron Zillionaire. On this release, Zillionaire and collaborator Tia Martinez, haven’t gone the usual route of penetrating noise and obtuse shocking visuals that subordinate the sound, but have taken this one track opus and made it sound as if you were in an industrial warehouse full of machines moving blending and echoing in harmonious unison. The tape loops the sound of what could conceivably be the hum of an industrial fan while the electronics jump and twitter like a conveyor belt with liquefied metal pouring off of it. The composition is repetitive without being boring, but you can easily zone it out as it plays in the background. Not too harsh assaultive or brutal, First Nights is a cognizant noise album.