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Illegal Beagle
13th South EP
Street: 01.31
Illegal Beagle = Unsteady + Big D & the Kids Table + Fews & Two

Hey, non-traditional ska bands in Utah: this is how you’re supposed to be doing it. The members of Illegal Beagle seem to have ignored nearly all of the ska made during their lifetimes and pick it up right after the two-tone movement, injecting an urgency and attitude into ska while keeping the rhythm in tact. “High Tide” is a great example of a ska-punk song done right, complete with crunchy guitar, minimal horns, “whoa-ohs” and a tight rhythm, while “Mind Control” substitutes the horns for plenty of violin and some call-and-response vocals. These guys (and girls) are still crazy young, so they’re a little rough around the edges, but this EP shows a lot of promise and proves that ska still ain’t dead in Utah.