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Illegal Beagle
Let Dead Dogs Lie

Street: 08.25.10
Illegal Beagle = The Mighty Mighty Bosstones + the Special

s Illegal Beagle get points for incorporating second-wave ska and not exclusively playing third-wave ska, but the songs are grating and the recording is sloppy. Considering third-wave ska still sounds hopeless – ly dated, only first-wave ska could have compensated. The record isn’t completely devoid of its endearing moments; dropping the horn part from the lounge scene in Star Wars on “Boba Fett” isn’t exactly a stroke of genius, but it’s still funny. That song works as a novelty, but it’s fol – lowed by the temperance movement cautionary ballad “Best Years of Our Lives,” which could only make sense as satire. The record is a flop, but at least it sounds like they had fun making it. –Nate Housley