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In Dreaming
The Pathless Sounds
Street: 01.15
In Dreaming = Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s Xenophanes + Godspeed You! Black Emperor + slam poetry
Having met the individual members of this band several times over the years, I can say with authority that In Dreaming are some of the hardest working and nicest dudes you’ll find in Provo. The Pathless Sounds, their debut full-length album, proves that they are also skilled at composing some of the most individualistic and difficult-to-categorize music around. Think of local progressive post rock favorites Theta Naught on their heavier, less Christmas-y days, then add non-stop two-part harmonies, and you’ll be pretty close. On each track, Brennan Allen lays the foundation with drum rhythms that are both reserved and complicated. Over that, the minimalist guitar dronings of Kirk Ward and frontman Trevor “Treefeathers” Smith drift in and out with magnificent dynamic range. Some of the most interesting moments on the album come when Smith drifts into atonal poetry recitation that has a near-sermon power behind it.