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Invaders EP
Street: 05.07
Invaders = Cathedral + Electric Wizard + EyeHateGod
It’s not very often I’ll get a tasty treat of chunky doom from our local bands, but holy shit, Invaders has nailed it. This humble little EP pounds three songs of heaviness into your pink, supple little ear drums without regard for whether or not you like them. As DIY as the release appears, the production is extremely high quality without much feeling of intrusive digital polish, which can often sacrifice that sweet atmospheric buzz you feel in the back of your throat. Speaking of throat, California native Phillip White steps up for a memorable vocal performance, conjuring the ghost of Cookie Monster’s abusive father, just close enough to over the top to add that grim panache you may crave when being served aural sludge. If Invaders releases a full length album of this quality, it most certainly could be a pivotal release among local Utah bands.