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Electric Church
Corruption Recordings
Street: 03.30
Invdrs = Eyehategod+Sunn0)))+
Thou+Electric Wizard
The only things you really need to know about the Invdrs’ Electric Church is it makes you feel alive yet doomed, and you need to own this album. With drum hits that sound like bones snapping and popping under the immense weight of the distortion-maximized guitar and bass, you will welcome this sonic atrocity to melody. The tracks mix up drudgingly slow songs with faster tempo groove or almost crust/punk-oriented tracks and even some psychedelic-type tunes, all with a raw blood-and-booze, spewing, visceral, throat-shredding voice. There is nothing clean or pleasant about what Invdrs offer—it’s amplifier and subwoofer murder, it’s raw meat and no potatoes. This behemoth will not disappoint anyone—even your jazz-show-tune loving grandma can’t deny the density, diversity and pure devastation that Electric Church bellows from it’s charred, devilish and haunting hateful depths.