Isle of Skye
Caber Toss
Street: 12.10.11
Isle of Skye = Bob Dylan + Neil Young + Meat Puppets
Bluesy, folksy and right at home here in Utah, the home of every variation of the jammy-jam band, Isle of Skye is making the soulful kind of music that is more personal expression and less pre-packaged and commercial. The songwriting is expressive and poetic with sometimes-undecipherable content, but certainly flowery and artsy in its composition. The execution of the music is interesting. The vocals are raw and sometimes just a little bit sloppy, which, rather than taking away from the album, helps to communicate the bluesy vibe. A mish-mash of instruments is present, including everything from the organ to the glockenspiel, which furthers the perception that they are experimenting, making music for the sake of making music. It’s not hard to listen to, and I don’t think you’ll regret it if you do. If you are a musician, you may even find yourself inspired by the diversity in the instrumentation, among other things.