Local Reviews: J.P.Whipple

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Bible Milk
Street: 10.01.09
J.P.Whipple= Poopy Necroponde+Stereopathetic Soul Manure-era Beck+Calexico
I popped this bad boy in on the way to/through southern Utah recently. It’s sometimes folk-country music made for great road trip music, mixing with the increasingly redder rocks—and the “Mexican” elements of the music manifested what it might be like taking the same trail down to Las Vegas a-carousing back when honky settlers were exploring the southern deserts of this country. There are some sublimely silly moments and some insightful songs as well. This is one of the few local CDs I’ve heard lately that made me think there were some people “thinking outside the box” of what people want to hear in Utah. Good job Whipple.