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Jef Doogie
Something Original
Self Expression Music
Street: 09.01
Jef Doogie = Lam + Jedi Mind Tricks  + P.O.S.
Something Original is good, solid underground rap in the style of most solid underground rap: old-school production and angsty subject matter.  The last part is what kept me from really loving this album. Yeah, I get that frenetic navel-gazing and self-doubt are the backbone of many an underground rapper’s subject material, but can we please start spicing it up a little?  A whole album in which just about every song is anxious or depressing is a real downer, not to mention if each song is equally sad or angry, it takes away from the impact of tracks that should really hit you hard.  Jef Doogie shows a lot of potential on this LP, but I hope his next effort isn’t quite so glum.