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Jeremy Spence

Street: 10.16.2007
Jeremy Spence = Dashboard Confessional + a pimping press kit

Anyone touting a press kit that hints they sound like Coldplay better be packing a lot of heat to back it up. Unfortunately, after listening through this album three times, I couldn’t even hear a hint of Chris Martin, let alone any trace of a Euro-pop influence. The saddest part is that somewhere inside this collection is a great song dying to get out. Unfortunately, all that manages to come across is a monotone collection of whiny pop ballads and lyrics that barely rate as contrived and cliche. There are a few moments where Spence gets it. On the tracks where he shifts away from rock and goes acoustic, you can see an almost Damien Rice-like potential. It’s just not here yet. Teenage girls will no doubt eat this up, but that’s about it.