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Johan the Angel
The General’s Son EP

Canoe Music
Street: 11.28
Johan the Angel = Mew + Sufjan Stevens

This fun little four-track goes something like “The General’s Son” Pt. II, I, III, and IV and in that order. Or is it one track that just lasts eleven minutes? I think they are trying to trick us. Where is Ashton Kutcher? If I’m not being punk’d, then what was Johan the Angel thinking when they wasted however much money to put out an EP with four slightly, and I mean slightly, different tracks? Why not just wait until you’ve got a variety of things to put out, and do it all at once? Otherwise, it’s just like a really bad trailer. Fortunately, “The General’s Son” is a catchy tune that makes me feel almost as good as when I watch Disney movies. I hope when the actual album comes out I’m not disappointed.