Josh Waldron
The Night I Died
Street: Fall 2008
Josh Waldron = Goo Goo Dolls + Keith Urban + DDT + Ringside + Nickleback + Garth Brooks + Steven Segal
I’m no psychologist, but it seems that Josh Waldron may suffer from multiple personality disorder. This album flipflops more times than Cybil. First he thinks he’s in a mariachi band and before you know it, he’s part of the Goo Goo Dolls. I leave the room for one minute, come back, and he’s Garth Brooks. Am I still listening to the same album? I think I even heard a little from an 80s Russian band my dad used to play. I ran out of room trying to list and keep track of the many sounds (and personalities) Waldron threw at me. It’s good to have variety, but for God’s sake, keep it consistent. Okay, so maybe there is one consistent aspect of this album. It’s Waldron’s whispy, harsh, “I’m trying to sound deep and passionate” voice.