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Katagory V
Hymns of Dissension
Burning Star Records
Street: 12.04
Katagory V = straight up classic metal
Katagory V is definitely moving up in the world with their latest Hymns of Dissension. The album is received worldwide distribution, with a U.S. and European version of the album. It’s pleasing to know that a classic/prog metal band from Utah is being heard around the world. Hymns of Dissension, the band’s fourth album, is arguably the bands best effort thus far. In the spirit of prog metal, the record is also their most diverse and heaviest. We’re talking really big guitars here, all embodying what classic/prog metal should, that huge epic feel. These guys know their metal current and past, so their influences are vast, but they don’t specifically targeting a single style, they have crafted their own breed of metal—intense, complex and extremely well played. Add to all that goodness a standout vocal performance that will leave you singing along. Take a metal trip with these iconic Hymns that have joined the annals of great metal.