Local Reviews: Kill Everyone Now

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Kill Everyone Now
November 2007 Recordings

Street: 11.26.07
Kill Everyone Now = Eugene H�tz + The Sonics

I enjoy the occasional garage recording as much as the next SLUG staffer, and listening to Kill Everyone Now’s tracks remind me of just why I appreciate most start-out rock bands and their growth that occurs early on. This duo takes the DIY ethic seriously, and it shows. They also use a bit of Portuguese in their lyrics, which is notable, and their lyricist, Felipe Bueno has an accent that transfers well to audio. When dealing with garage recordings, we ultimately face the nastiness and importance of a click track. Note to this local band’s drummer��unless you’re Neil Peart, you need a click. Note to this local band’s singer��ultimately, there is only so much protesting about “art” that can be made when your medium is constricted by vocals peaking out with every other word. Book some studio time, dudes.