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Welcome to the Cemetery


Street: 10.30

Killbot = 3 Inches of Blood + Mercyful Fate + Venom

If music had a smell, Killbot’s Welcome to the Cemetery would have the pungent odor of sulfurous, extra-metallic, iron-filled fresh blood. The CD’s production is magnificently razor sharp, clear, crisp and, most importantly, brilliantly darkened yet vibrantly heavy. Killbot remind me a lot of 3 Inches of Blood not only because their styles are slightly a similar mixing of classic and thrash metal but because they sound like a classic metal band born from the heyday in the late 70s and early 80s. It’s not a forced sound, but it’s a completely natural progression of terrific songwriting. Each track on the seven-song album embodies its own identity with depth of musicianship shining through, via pulse-pounding rhythms, astoundingly tight riffing and some awesomely metal guitar soloing. Add a unique sounding vocalist and it just pushes everything to the brink of badass heavy metal.