The Horror E.P.
Street: 11.06
Killbot = Iron Maiden + Metal Church + 3 Inches Of Blood + Annihilator
Killbot’s back with insatiable metal hunger in The Horror E.P. Deavy Metal eases us into the mayhem with a gorgeous classical guitar intro in “Beware the Moon,” which is riddled with howls from a werewolf and the whimpers of victims-to-be. The track erupts into a galloping thrasher where the band displays the catchy harmonization and Maiden-like licks that they have branded as their style. Killbot exhibits a keen sense of cohesiveness here—Mikey T.’s drumming propels the EP’s entire orchestration as he seamlessly transitions through tempos and melds everyone’s parts together. T. illustrates his prowess on the skins in “Kill the Priest” as he slams toms in the song’s buildups and affords the track a driving rhythm. King Kobra (guitar), Paul Lachica (bass) and Deavy Metal tap into the ‘Bot’s catchy instrumental work in “Sheathed in Black,” but also perform whinnying solos that lend the track a ghostly aura as well. A mean cover of Slayer’s “Tormentor” closes the release, but as you listen, be sure to note the themes of the songs—Deavy Metal’s raspy cadences deal with An American Werewolf in London, The Exorcist and a Killbot horror music video coming soon.