King Niko
Oh, Hey!
Street: 03.16
King Niko = Michael Jackson + Cake + Awolnation
King Niko are sick as fuck. If it wasn’t enough that the songs are catchy and highly danceable, lead singer Ransom Wydner is an incredible frontman, vocally racing around a huge range and making it seem easy. His lyrical delivery reminds me at times of John McCrea (of Cake), Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer), and even Freddie Mercury himself, although I find Wydner’s voice to be one of a kind and difficult to compare. Overall, their sound seems to source a great variety of  influences, including little hints of Blink-182 on the first song of the album, “When I Wasn’t Alive.” It’s punk-y, fun and bouncy. Heavy synths and more electronic tweaking on the second track, “Boss Fight,” are a great example of how keyboardist Reid Laitinen adds his two cents to an otherwise classic rock n’ roll ensemble. Thanks to Benny Moffatt’s consistent, creative guitar riffs and Tim Rawcliffe’s rhythmic bass lines throughout the album, the whole package is unique and totally delicious. Eat up!