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Lo=Fi Product
Street: 04.24
Krem = Qwel + Offwhyte + Liquid Swords
Where the hell did this CD come from? Has there been a super producer hiding under the informal deck of Salt Lake City Hip Hop who is just now choosing to present himself? Has he been plotting and producing with intentions to dominate? If the answer is “Yes”, I wouldn’t be surprised. These Primer tracks, including vocals from Qwel (Typical Cats), descend and diminish into a kaleidoscopic narcosis, enveloping caricaturist boom-bap cadences in layers of genre-defying and experimental coatings of lo-fi. Truthfully, from the look of the cover/album art, that’s exactly what I did NOT expect from Krem on any level. Most of the instrumentals are uncomfortably creased and from the beginning, seem erosive, but tumble into one concentrated pulp. Personally, I think that Primer is a perfect title for this local-modernistic, deconstructive masterpiece.