L’anarchiste EP
Street: 12.20.11
L’anarchiste = Sufjan Stevens + Local Natives
If all goes as planned, expect to hear a lot more from the fledgling band L’anarchiste. Eclectic, complex and a big bowl of folk for breakfast, L’anarchiste’s EP is a year’s worth of fine tuning by Robert LeCheminant, current member of Summerteeth and occasional contributor to Fox Van Cleef. To the uncouth ear, L’anarchiste sounds like Sufjan Stevens, which is, in many ways, an asset. What draws L’anarchiste and Stevens into commonality is not only the solid brass back-up and dissident vocal harmony, but the attention to detail. Tracks like “Stony” and “Sleep” sound warm and round, and focus on tonal construction. It is clear that LeCheminant has spent a great deal of time on the EP’s production—I just hope the band can accurately reproduce it live. If you are a fellow folker, I suggest you seek this one out.