You Hit the Nail on the Head
Street: 10.08
Laughter= Breather Resist+Pantera+Temple of the Dog
Are you ready to taste the rainbow? Laughter has created a sound that dips where other locals have not. Releasing the demon of influence, You Hit the Nail on the Head has a varied rock sound. Between the second track “Auditory Ipecac” and track five “I am on my Way,” you’ll feel the slap from a Converge to Pantera sound with an underlying tribute to grunge. In that jumble, I found a liking for their style and promised heaviness. The best feature of Laughter is that between the drumming and vocals they manage their screams and sings well. Sudden changeover from man-imal screaming to melodic singing can be difficult to slay, but this is a job well done.