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When the World Gets Dark
Street: 01.08.08
Lewis = Blink 182 + The Get Up Kids + The All-American Rejects + MXPX
There’s nothing worse than having to give a local band � which represents you and your local musical community � a bad write-up. Nevertheless, nobody wins when a band continues on, ignorant of their lack of talent. Lewis is the epitome of the-pop punk sound a la Blink 182. Maybe they thought they’d fill the void for all the Blink fans who can’t get over Blink being gone. Who knows? The bottom line is: there is nothing original and/or redeeming about any of the songs on this album unless you are a pop-punker. If you happen to be a pop-punker, then my deepest sympathies go out to you and I assure you there is more to music than what you know and I implore you to search the pages of this magazine to find it. Best of luck.