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Lexi Sayok
Psuedo Science
Street: 08.08
Lexi Say Ok= The Hotness + Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! + Strata
This music is engineered to hit right on the money for all people born in the 90s. The fact that the songs longer than three minutes were shoved to the end of the album makes me think that the average Lexi Sayok fan has a gnat’s attention span (what’s new with music written for those under 21 these days though?). Wade through track 16 on this 19-piece work to get to the longer cuts. Any time I see such a long song list, I wonder if more material might have been cut to make a tighter work and in this case I am not wrong. Note to local groups, just because you have “material” doesn’t mean it should go on your album. Your fans with modern culture induced ADD won’t mind anyway: chances are they’re only listening to one song regardless. That’s just the breaks, kids.