Local Reviews: Lo-Fidelity

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Net Weight Records
Street: 05.01
Lo-Fi= Ellas Otha Bates + Beani Sigel + DJ SUPeRB
Jazz anyone? Hip Hop? I’m not talking about the norm mix here. I am talking about the good stuff, the stuff that really surprises you—it reminds you of how awesome music can be when approached with the right attitude (i.e. Ratatat minus the hype). Lo-Fidelity can cut 16 bars into a piece of art, live no less. Basically, it’s stuff you would expect out of a big city. Yeah that’s right I said it, we are a big city and this is a tape you have to cop, although you should support Lo-Fi, because this is for anyone that enjoys the smooth, silky style of a gravy train operator. Salt Lake Represent!