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M. Sartain
The Camelot Sessions

Kilby Records
Street 09.20
M. Sartain = Starmy + Sebadoh + Elliot Smith

Nepotism can do strange things when it comes to music. If it were not for famous siblings, there would have been no careers for Roger Clinton, Tommy Cash, or Jermaine Jackson. But before you believe that brotherly kindness only manifests itself in national acts, consider the local surname Sartain. Under normal conditions, TheCamelotSessions would never have seen the light of day, but since local venue hound Will Sartain has recently ventured into record-making, putting out his brother’s throw-away material makes perfect sense. With this disc, Mike Sartain unloads a score of ambient, low-budget cuts. Some of the songs seem more like song sketches than complete compositions, like the “Her Majesty” track on The Beatles’ Abbey Road. Overall, Camelot has the feel of early Sebadoh or one of the myriad other Eric Gaffney/Lou Barlow collaborations (Sentridoh, anyone?). The final product is quite listenable and a little aggressive, even if a tad bit derivative. Plus, there are photos of young Mike in a sleeveless shirt. Sassy!