Local Reviews: Madraso/Blackhole

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Split 7″

Pseudo Recordings
Street: 07.08
Madraso + Blackhole = Just pick the damned thing up, already.

Now, this is a welcome listening experience. SLC’s Blackhole and Portland’s Madraso each offer up one song on this bit of vinyl heaven (the one they sent me was on clear orange wax). Reviewing 7″s kind of sucks because they’re so short, so I’ll keep this review the same. A perfect pairing of awesome no-bullshit rock bands, Madraso’s “Daisy Cutter” harkens back to heavy rock offerings of the late 80s and early 90s, but without being even remotely close to a ripoff. Plus, they bring their own brand of “heavy.” Blackhole’s “81s” is an awesome two-bass attack, heavy enough to give you a bangover, but groovy enough to hit the bong. All in all, a worthwhile release.