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Mary May I
Made for Hiding
Street: Aug. 2008
Mary May I = Sex Pistols + Finger Eleven + My Chemical Romance + 30 Seconds To Mars
Have you ever heard those bands that seem to dabble in many different genres, but don’t really have a core or a niche? That’s how Mary May I is. They’ve got a punk crust with post-punk sauce, nu metal crumbs drizzled over chunks of groove rock, baked in an indie-rock oven. Unfortunately, the dessert is a bland mixture of bad vocal vibrato, forgettable riffs and boring drum beats. They’re more Spam than crème brule. Made for Hiding sounds like Johnny Rotten was on Prozac and took voice lessons for three months before stopping into a terrible Radiohead cover band. The lyrics are trite and full of whiny suburban diatribes on troubled girls and the boys who love them. If this band is ever on the menu at a concert you attend, order out between courses.