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Means Nothing
Street: 12.11.09
Means Nothing = Disturbed + Saliva
1) Music production software has become too easily accessable by regular Joes. 2) Utah will never emerge from the lesser-known Western states as a music powerhouse with music like this. 3) The bands in the above equation are not meant as praise. These three factors combine along with a no-need-to-be-stated-yet-we’ll-state-it-anyway-because-it’s-easy number 4) The band name attached to this release says it all. Instead of making Future Music, this group is really intent on dredging up 90s-mid-2000s-era schlock, playing it—hopefully not live—and then recording it? It really doesn’t make any sense unless you have an “Ankh” tattooed somewhere on your body. I’m guessing it’s on the bassist’s shoulder—most visible when he is wearing a de rigueur wife beater. Cry, oh ye good bands of Utah, the cream should rise to the regional top, but can’t if it’s held down by too many curds.