Two: Glass Apple
Song Haus
Street: 09.28
Melodramus = Porcupine Tree + Dream Theater + Incubus + Depeche Mode
In the realm of modern prog metal/rock, Melodramus have crafted one epic and diverse aural buffet of sounds on their second full-length album, Two: Glass Apple. It’s truly a record that not only rivals plenty of prog bands in the current world scene, but also puts a good hunk of them to shame. Two has a way of creatively juxtaposing their vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to not only play off each other’s massive technical and flat out awesome songwriting, but also to meld the songs into cohesive pieces of music that imprints firmly in your memory. The caliber of musicianship  and vocal prowess displayed on this record is dumbfounding and it is pride inspiring to know that they’re a homegrown act. Finding the right audience for progressive metal/rock is a hard task, especially for a band like Melodramus that melds multiple styles, but I implore the band to embrace the DIY and get this out to the world however they can. If not this album, the next can surely lead to a nice record deal or tour. There is absolutely nothing that sounds like this in Utah. If you dig modern progressive rock/metal, seek this one out.